Passport Form DS-64

To Report Your Passport as Lost or Stolen

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If you have lost your passport or you believe it has been stolen you must report this to the State Department immediately using Form DS-64. This is extremely important to prevent identity theft. If you need a new passport to replace your lost or stolen passport you must also include Form DS-11 in order to have a new passport issued to you.

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You may not have more than one valid passport book and one passport card at any given time. Do not attempt to use this form to get a duplicate passport as your previous passport will be invalid and if you or anyone else attempts to use it to enter the United States you will be detained. If you find your lost passport after you have reported it stolen or lost you should submit it for cancelation to the State Department.

The form and related documents should be sent to the following address as long as you are not seeking a replacement passport.

United States Dept of State
600 19th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20522
You can also report your lost or stolen passport by phone by calling 1-877-487-2778

If you need a replacement passport please turn the form in along with your DS-11 form at your local passport agency, passport acceptance location, Embassy or consulate.