Passport Fees

A Guide to Your Passport
In general, one of the first questions that people ask when faced with getting a passport is how much it will cost. There is not actually a flat rate that applies to everyone young or old. However, this guide will tell you exactly how much you can expect to pay based on your situation in addition to the forms that you will need to fill out in order to complete the process ahead of time. By familiarizing yourself with the process and knowing what to expect, you can ease the stress that comes with getting your documents in order before leaving the country. There are three different types of passports from which one chooses: New Adult Passports, Renewed Adult Passports, and Minor Passports for a child. Each of these types of documents can require a processing fee and an application fee. Additionally, there are specific forms that must be completed in order to acquire each type of document.

  Type of Passport Application Fee Processing Fee Form Number
Adult Passport - New Passport Book & Passport Card $140 $25 DS-11
Passport Book Only $110 $25 DS-11
Passport Card Only $30 $25 DS-11
Adult Passport- Renewal Passport Book & Passport Card $140 $0 DS-82
Passport Book Only $110 $0 DS-82
Passport Card Only $30 $0 DS-82
Minor Child Passport Book & Passport Card $95 $25 DS-11
Passport Book Only $80 $25 DS-11
Passport Card Only $15 $25 DS-11

Fast Passport Services New US Passport Fast Passport Renewal Lost or Stolen Passport Replacement Add Additional Passport Pages Passports for Children and Infants Expedited International Driving Permits $79 Expedited Passports
  Additional Passport Services, Fees and Forms
Service Information Cost Form Number
Add Additional Passport Pages Required if you have less than 4 Visa pages remaining. $140 DS-4085
Correct Errors For spelling errors or incorrect date or place of birth. No Charge DS-5504
Change of Name To update your name if it has legally changed No Charge DS-5504
File Search If you are unable to provide proof of citizenship $150  
Overnight Delivery Fee To have your newly issued passport sent overnight once issued. $12.85  

New Adult Passports

A new adult passport that comes with a book and card has an application fee of $140 and a processing fee of $25. Anyone applying for this document will need to fill out form DS-11, as will all of the following options for a new application. If you require only a passport book, then you must pay an application fee of only $110 and the same processing fee. The passport card only requires an application fee of $30, and the processing fee remains unchanged.

Renewed Adult Passports

In order to renew an adult passport, there is no processing fee in any form. However, you will be required to fill out form DS-82. For both the book and passport card, the application fee is $140. For only the book, you pay $110 in fees. If you only need to renew the card, then your fee will be $30.

Minor Passports

The fees that are associated with attaining documents for a minor are much lower than those required for adults. Acquiring both a passport card and book requires $95 and a standard $25 processing fee. In order for the paperwork to go through, you must fill out form DS-11 in all instances. Attaining only the passport book entails a fee of $80 while acquiring only the card costs $15.

Additional Services and Associated Fees

There are additional passport services that people often require that can come with additional fees and individual paperwork in order for their documentation to be valid. If you are in need of additional pages in your passport book, then you must pay a fee of $140 and fill out form DS-4085. This step is required when your book has less than four pages remaining that can be stamped. Should an error occur regarding the information on your passport or if you change your name, then you must have these things corrected at no additional fee. However, you must still fill out form DS-5504. When you must provide proof of your citizenship, then there is also a fee for performing a file search. This fee amounts to $150. You also have the ability to have your documents shipped to you overnight for a fee of $12.85 once the processing of your application has taken place.

Electronic Passports

In addition to the conventional paper passports that are commonplace, people now have the option to request digital documents as well. Electronic passports currently store biometric identifiers in an electronic chip that allow check points to scan for information such as facial features, fingerprints, and iris scans. Technically referred to as “e-passport covers,” the chips are deactivated when the book is closed in order to protect individuals from being scanned or compromised by a third party. Additionally, all of the information is cryptographically stored after it is first scanned in order to ensure security. These types of passports allow individuals to go through security check points much more quickly, thereby enhancing their travel experience.